Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Man vs. food: the Mike Dorsey edition

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. To celebrate, he decided to subject himself to some torture.
If you have never met my dad, let me just tell you that since I was at least 5, my dad has forgotten the meaning of the word "full." The man loves to eat.
Apparently, at a place called Charley's Steakhouse in Orlando, they have this deal as advertised on the Travel Channel. You can attempt to eat an entire 50 oz. - yes, 50 OUNCE - steak in one sitting. If you succeed, I think you get the steak for free, and also a very large, very nice knife for your trouble.
My dad loves Charley's very much. I am not much of a steak person, but this is really something.

This is before the carnage:

And this is after:

He says he isn't sick today. I can't believe it. And in case you can't tell, the lumpy parts are the potato side dish, and the meat parts are actually bones. It was probably smart of him not to pick the bones clean.
So, he got his knife and his free HALF A COW. Congratulations, you are a professional eater.
As he says, "See? I can eat just as much as that Travel Channel guy." Truly something to be proud of. Happy birthday, Dad.

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El Asesor: Espinosa-Jácome said...

No cabe duda que usted es una persona que adora a su papá. Él es muy afortunado. Ahora que, la verdad, debo abstenerme de entrar a su blog porque me dan muchas ganas de comer, así que su señor padre no tiene la culpa de tener buen apetito con tan buena cocinera. Saludos.