Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apparently, I don't cook after all.

At least, not when I only have myself to make dinner for.
My last grocery trip included pizza rolls, chips and salsa, and milk. Always milk. But the pizza rolls and salsa are getting much use. That package of goat chevre I bought a couple of weeks ago? Not so much.
Mainly, I've been falling back on my lazy man's risotto - recipe was my first post. Last night, I finally broke down and made pasta sauce - I was too lazy to even throw stuff in a can of tomato sauce and put it on top of pasta. Ridiculous.
I think it stems mainly from the fact that I'm only cooking for myself. JF is now having to fix all meals for his grandmother while is mom is in France, and so he might as well eat over there too. Therefore, I've regressed to eating like a 12 year old.
The other reason I'm not cooking is that I don't have anyone to do my dishes for me if the boyfriend isn't eating my food. It makes perfect sense.
Hell, I haven't even gone out to eat anywhere extraordinary. Arby's, Taco Bell. Ridiculous.
I suppose I could blog about the weird and sometimes wonderful campus food options, but I will spare you most of the details. Sbarro, anyone? Bleh. And I don't know why OOB (the closest thing to my office) always smells like 3 week old hot dog water.
So...wait another week, maybe, and I'll have something to write about. If not...I may fall back on the campus food after all.

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V.Mel said...

Come to my house and we shall cook whatever you like.