Monday, January 12, 2009

Calzone FAIL.

So, calzones. I like them when someone else makes them, but apparently not the healthy kind.
I got a box of Jiffy pizza crust and some ricotta and some chicken and some spinach. I found a healthy recipe, and thought, how hard could it be?
I don't know what went wrong, but they were completely tasteless. I added probably 2 tablespoons of garlic, I grilled the chicken, and I even added tomato sauce to make sure they weren't just icky and cheesy. Not to say that cheesy is icky, but I don't like things that have the consistency of a quiche, as I found out. Which is logical, since I don't really like eggs.
Anyway, it wasn't good. My boyfriend even got the idea to form the filling into balls and fry them, and they still weren't good. You would think that frying anything would at least make it a little more tasty. Nope.
I was discouraged by the time I couldn't make the pizza dough do what I wanted it to. And this was after I almost burned down the kitchen with exploding olive oil in a frying pan.
So, calzone FAIL.

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Victoria said...

Your FAIL is hilarious. Not even Jean could save it...